Medium Hostage Target

Medium Hostage Target


Medium hostage human silhouette with a 6” paddle target that when shot switches to the opposite shoulder of the silhouette. Both the silhouette and the swinger are made from 3/8″ armored steel. The post is also made from 3/8 armored steel.

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Thor Targets delivers the highest quality workmanship in the business. Our competition focuses on delivering large quantities at the cost of producing a lower quality product. Thor Targets manufacturers super premium quality shooting and hunting targets right here in the USA.

We create a well built and dependable target that will bring years of enjoyment to hunters and shooters. Thor Targets are fabricated with proprietary steel that is tougher than AR-500 and the 3/8 thickness plate holds up to a 50 BMG at 25 yards! We have extensively tested all models of our targets with a broad range of pistols and rifles to ensure the quality of our products.

Thor Targets has over 18 years in the welding and fabrication industry, so if you want custom work please contact us!

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