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  • Our 12” round targets are a great addition to any range.
  • One base to rule them all!!! The Thor “H” base features interchangeable brackets that allow the user to switch between a 2x4 target system and our hostage (2” bracket) or dueling tree (1.75” bracket) targets without having to purchase additional bases. This outstanding base also comes with brackets for paper targets as well.
  • Great for competition shooters our a-zone target is designed to match the size of the a-zone target area on standard USPSA and IPSC paper targets.
  • 2x4 target hanger for use with your rounds, torso, and a-zone targets.
  • Thor’s Paper Puncher is the ultimate paper target base. This super premium quality target base breaks down very easily, no nuts and bolts. When you break the Thor’s Paper Puncher target base down it will fit in area of 2”x 6” x 22”. This incredible target base will easily fit under the seat of your car or truck. The paper target and wood posts not included. Paper puncher stand.
  • Torso

    Designed to emulate the vital zone on an assailant our torso is ideal for firearms training and simulations.