The High Cut Ballistic helmet is a light weight version of the ACH and MICH helmets with high cut above the ear area of the skull. It is the preferred helmet by Special Forces because of its light weight and affords less impingement from the helmet shell on to headsets.

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US Made / TAA Compliant

Material : Kevlar
Protective Level : NIJ IIIA
Weight : 1.35kg
Size: Large / XL from 24″ to 27″ skull circumference. Comes with Dial retention. Remember to always go one size up with a Dial Retention. It is much easier to make a Helmet smaller than it is larger because you can always get thinner Helmet Pads.

Model : High Cut
Liner System: Dial Liner

BFD: 7.71 MM Min and 11.75 MM Max

1x WILCOX L4 NVG Shroud
1x Velcro Kit (As shown in Picture) Attached
1x Dial Retention Liner (As shown in Picture) Attached
1x Impact absorbing internal padding system (As shown in Picture) Attached
1x Four-point adjustable chinstrap retention system (As shown in Picture) Attached

1x Side Rails included

High Cut Helmet Description
Ballistic Protection Level : NIJ III-A STD 0106.01 and NIJ III-A 0101.04
Protection Against:
(a)9mm , 115gr 1400fp/s(428m/s )
(b).44 MAG SJHP, 240gr 1450ft/s(442m/s)

See attached ballistic test Certificate

Back face deformation (BFD) is what happens to armor when it is struck with a projectile. On the opposite side of the impact armor can bulge outward resulting in what is known as “Blunt Trauma”.

Our Helmets have a 7.71 MM BFD Minimum and a 11.75 MM Maximum

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OD Green, Black, Tan, Multicam


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